Grounded Knife Threat

Grounded Knife Threat

A grounded knife threat is when you are lying on the ground and the attacker is in a top dominate position holding the knife at your face or neck. That being said, they want something from you, if they wanted to kill or stab you they would have already done that.
This can be a very intimidating and very dangerous position to be in.   We have less mobility on the ground, and the techniques require a bit more practice. In this article I will cover the three most probable positions on the ground you could find yourself in while facing a grounded knife threat.  In my last self-defense article I spoke of defending a standing knife threat, and the weapon defense training continuum.  It is the same when we are grounded.

  1. Clear your self from the line of danger
  2. Control the weapon arm
  3. Deliver a quick and stunning blow
  4. Disarm the weapon
  5. Escape

We are always looking for the opportunity to escape.
The first position I will discuss is the bottom mount, (someone is sitting on your stomach/chest aria), and the knife is being held at your throat.

As before anytime the knife threat is around your neck or face area, drop your chin and hold your hands up towards the weapon, “Framing the Weapon”. 

Grab the weapon arm around the wrist with one or both hands in a baseball bat style grip. 
Once you have a firm grip on the weapon arm move the weapon away from your neck by thrusting it up for the above your head. Doing this will throw their balance forward.  When this happens bridge up and over by lifting your hips up as high as you can.

As they roll off, maintain a grip on the wrist at this time, it is likely that you can deliver  knee strikes or kicks to the low target areas, the groin, inner thigh, hamstring, buttocks.  Now pin the weapon hand to the ground using both hands placing all your weight on the wrist aria.  It is as if you are doing a pushup on their hand, with your arms extended.
Now for the disarm.  When we are grounded, one of the best ways to disarm an attacker is to lift the hand that is holding the weapon slightly off of the ground, and violently slam the back of their hand into the ground numerous times until the weapon is released. At this point you should seize the window of opportunity for escape and do so.

Remember the strikes thrown during this encounter are probably the least important of all of the moves, if it’s there take it if it’s not do not look for it.

The next position which is somewhat is inside your guard.  The knife is that your neck.
Very similar to being mounted with a knife in your neck except we have our  legs wrapped around their waist. Your hand position and neck chin position will be the same as earlier.  Grab the weapon in the same baseball bat style grip, thrust the weapon up over your head.  At this point you can release the legs and scoot out from underneath the assailant.  Jujitsu practitioners and wrestlers could use the scissor sweep: but really all you need to do is scoot off to the side, I recommend always trying to go to their elbow (to the back side of their arm).
At this point you can deliver some kicks to the body or face or  knees to the body or legs.  Pin their hand to the ground as if you’re doing a push-up on their wrist.   You can choose to disarm by slamming their hand into the ground or you could just release and run.

The next position is the top side mount or cross body mount.  Someone is laying on top of you off to the side.
I know this is going to sound repetitive but were keeping all of our defenses as similar as possible so that under stress you can actually use them.

Turn into the attacker to whichever side they’re facing you hands up, chin tucked. Grab their wrist with one or both hands push the weapon up above your head and start wiggling your hips away from the attacker.  Jujitsu practitioners will know this  as shrimping away. If you’re able to roll to your stomach do so.  If not, use multiple kicks while maintaining a grip on their wrist.  Roll to your stomach and force their hand to the ground by placing all your weight on their wrist, as we talked about earlier. Perform your  disarm and run.

How I would like you to practice these techniques:

Clear yourself from the line of attack:
This is done by tucking the chin and shrugging shoulders.  At the same time placing your hands near the weapon,  framing the weapon, once the weapon is framed  grab the weapon with one or both hands in the baseball bat grip.
I would have you practiced this for a minimum of three, 3 minute rounds.

For the next three rounds practice from the starting point to the point of grabbing and thrust the weapon arm above your head.

Three more rounds is where you add on the escape portion.  You are moving your body out from under the individual while pinning their hand to the ground.

Finally the last three rounds of practice I would have you do the entire scenario all the way to the disarm, which is slamming their hand of violently into the ground until the weapon is released, and then run.

In this format you’ll be working your technique for about one hour.

Within about an hour timeframe you can learn and practice these real techniques numerous times, building the muscle memory you need to have performance under stress.

Once you do these initial 12 rounds if there’s any one spot that is giving you trouble, or if there is a position you’re uncomfortable with, perform that piece for a few more rounds.

I also like to use these as warm-up drills.  Going slowly through the drills developing that muscle memory and the comfort of being able to keep that weapon  away from your neck and face.

I always recommend wearing eye protection for both parties when practicing any kind of knife defense or knife skills.


As always, train hard, train safe,


Get out of your comfort zone and thrive.

Hump Day WOD

Burpee Broad Jumps-Do a burpee then jump forward as far as you can.


25 meter  bear crawls forward

25 meter bear crawl backward

Work at your fitness level:

Just starting out – Count down on the Burpee Broad Jumps 10-1

Beginner– Count up for 25 minutes (start at 1 and keep adding reps until the time is up)

Intermediate– Count up for 35 minutes

Advanced– Count up for 15 minutes

Hard Core– One hour of count up.  The sky is the limit!!!


Get out of your Comfort Zone


Win the Day!




WOD Med Run

Med Run (simulate a medical supply run)

Have the following weighted materials available along with an aria you can run 100 yards.

I use sandbags of the following weights. 10, 15, 25, 50, 100 lbs. 

Place your “weights” at one end of the 100 yard mark.

Start 100 yards away and run/sprint to the 10 lb. bag, grab it and run/sprint back to your start line. Carefully set the weight down. (remember it is a box of medical supplies).

You are allowed to carry only one bag at a time!

Do this until all the bags are at your start line.

That is One Round.


As Many Rounds As Possible in your allotted time frame.

Work at your Fitness level.

10 minutes- Just starting out

15 minutes- Beginner

25 minutes- Intermediate

45 minutes- Advanced

60 minutes for the Hard Core


Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone and ENJOY!!!




WOD Yea Baby

For Wednesday:

Fitness Levels:

Just starting out/Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/Hard Core

Warm up:

2 rounds of:

20- Kettle bell swings

20- Jumping Jacks

Work Out:

10-1 countdown Back Squats

Air Squats/1/2 Body weight/Bodyweight/225 or 1.5X Bodyweight/

Hard Core-315 or 2X Bodyweight

Pull ups (see below)

5-Supine Row for those just starting out

10-1 Supine Row for beginners

1/2 of your Max each set Pull-ups for intermediate

10-1 Pull ups for advanced

10-1 countdown Pull up toe to bar combo for Hard Core

Start with 10 of your Squat variation for your level then do your pull exercise at your level.

Count down to one on both exercises then if you have any energy left attack the finisher!


4 rounds of:

Push a 45 lb. plate on a towel for 20 yards out and 20 yards back

10-Jumping Lunges


Enjoy getting out of your Comfort Zone!


WOD For Friday: Dead Wrong

Dead Wrong!

Pick your fitness level:

Then perform each exercise in order 1-5.

The number of rounds is 10.

First round is 10 DL second round is 9 DL and so on until you complete the countdown on the Dead Lifts:

Fitness Levels:

Just starting out/Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/Hard Core

1. Dead lift 10-1 count down format

DL Weight is:

(WYCD)Whatever you can do /Bodyweight /225 lbs./315 lbs./2 X bodyweight 

2. Dive Bombers 10 each set

3. Skaters 10

4. Kettle bell clean and press 3,2,1 ladder each arm

WYCD/25/35/50/70 lbs.

5. Run

25/50/75/100 yards/

Hard Core-50 yards buddy carry or 50 yards run with a partner holding you back with a band.


Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!


Win The Day!