WOD Buddy Burpees

You will need a timer for this one.

2 minutes of burpees


50 Yard Buddy Carry

Immediately grab a buddy and throw that buddy over your shoulder and carry them as fast as you can for 50 yards.  Then your buddy returns the favor, bringing you back to the start line.

That’s one round

After 4 rounds perform 1-2 rope climbs

Perform 8 rounds


As many ROPE CLIMBS as you can do in 5 minutes

If you do not have a rope, perform 5 towel pull-ups in its place. You can also perform max pull ups if you can not do towel pull ups.

If you do not have a buddy, use a sand bag, heavy bag, ruck sac, with the appropriate weight for your fitness level.

GO HARD on this one!

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!


Win The Day!




KB Snatch Press Ladder

Grab a Heavy Kettle Bell.

Heavy for you would be something you can manage for 3 to 5 reps but no more.

How to do the 1 2 3 ladder. 

You start with the Bell in your left hand and perform one rep, switch to the right hand and perform one rep.  Now back to your left hand and perform two reps, switch to the right hand and perform two reps.  Finally back to your left hand and do three reps, switch to the right hand and perform three reps.

You can use dumbbells for this also. 

Here is the workout:


Snatch 1 2 3

Press   1 2 3

That’s one round. Perform 5-10 rounds depending on your fitness level.

Hard Core should perform As Many Rounds As Possible AMRAP for 25 minutes. 


Get out of your comfort zone and THRIVE!