Fit to Fight WOD

This one is based on pushing yourself as hard as you can for the work portion, then training your body to recover quickly.  Just like the combat sports of boxing, wrestling, MMA, Jujitsu, and kickboxing.

The object is to do the 10 reps of each exercise with correct form as fast as you can, taxing the anaerobic system.

10 Reps of each, in this order.

Jumping Jacks– arms held fairly straight, hands touch above your head, and touch your sides for correct form.

RIP Squats-Jump forward about 2-3 feet into an ass to grass squat.  Then jump backward standing upright.

Para Troopers– Some call these jumping lunges.  The knee should not bang the floor, but it should touch or come very close to touching.

Squats- Feet shoulder width apart, drop your ass to grass then to full standing for each repetition.

Squats thrusts- A burpee with no pushup.

Dive Bombers- Feet shoulder width apart,  pike your hips so you look like an inverted V.  Hands are shoulder width or wider. Scoop forward and down as if to drag your face chest and hips on the floor.  End the forward motion head and chest up arching the back hips sagging to the ground.  (Up Dog for you yoga folks).   Reverse the movement to go back and complete the rep.  (Down Dog).  That is one rep.

Perform one 3 min round


1 minute rest between rounds

Perform for 6-10 Rounds:

Hard Core Perform for 15-20 rounds!

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Win The Day!

I may have changed it slightly but I still thank Mark Hatmaker for this one!