Counter handgun

Handgun disarm/Counter handgun


Slap Crash Disarm


Rules for weapon defense

  1. Clear yourself from the line of danger.
  2. Control the weapon or weapon arm.
  3. Deliver a quick stunning blow
  4. Disarm and neutralize


I always recommend in any weapon defense trying to get to the outside Of the elbow. Doing this puts them at a disadvantage for using the weapon on you.

Safety has to be the number one priority, always use a red gun, Or even a toy gun.

You can also just use your partners fist pointed at you if you do not have access to the training tools.

Have your partner point a training handgun at your chest within arms reach.

Frame the weapon with your hands as if putting your hands up in submission.


Violently slap your left hand into their weapon arm. Our target is not the weapon, it is the wrist forearm area. As you slap the weapon with your left off-line your body by dropping your right shoulder to the rear.

Doing this moves the weapon and it also moves the target, making it that much harder for them to be able to hit you with a round.


After we slap the weapon out-of-the-way and you are out of the line of fire, maintain contact with the weapon arm and CRASH into the opponent. This will pin their arm against their body. Your left hand grabs and controls the wrist of their weapon hand. I want you to crash into them taking their space.


At this time your right hand will grab the muzzle of the weapon and turn the muzzle directly into them. This will goose neck their wrist if they don’t let go of the weapon.

This twisting action is dynamic and you are using your whole body to twist the weapon into them.

Once the weapon is disarmed or at least loosened in their grip you’ll punch into them with the muzzle of the weapon. This Is intended to Drive them away from you releasing the weapon from their grip.

The secondary goal is to cause pain and injury to the attacker.

You can hit any target area with the weapon, the stomach, the sternum, the neck, or the face.

You are trying to knock them backwards and take their ground. We are not backing out if it all possible.

Unless you were very familiar with Firearms I do not recommend using the fire against them, you do not know what you have and under the stress of the situation you may freeze up trying to use their weapon against them.

Strike them with the weapon until they back out, and then you can take cover.

If you carry a firearm, at this time you could draw your own firearm to neutralize the situation.



Keep It Simple and Savage

Slap crash disarm.


If you have any questions let me know!

Coach James Marx