Fight! Run for cover!

This workout simulates having to fight for your life, and then run for cover.

Before the workout I want to explain what the cover is.

When I speak of cover and concealment we are talking about bullets flying in the area all around you.

Cover is something that will stop a bullet, meaning the bullet will not penetrate it such as concrete, a big tree, the engine of your car.

Concealment hides you, But it will not stop a bullet, the bullet can penetrate and still injured and kill.

Examples are a cubicle in an office, drywall, your car door.

For the next week use your situational awareness to look for cover first, concealment second. If at any time shots rang out you could get to cover or concealment to increase the likelihood of survival.

Remember cover is our number one priority because bullets will not penetrate, the second choice is concealment because the bad guy can’t see you.

Once you find cover or concealment, put distance between you and the shooter by running to the next area of cover. Continue to do this until you arrive at a safe zone.

Now for the workout!

This one is a redline!!

Hit the bag as hard and fast as you can for 10 seconds. I recommend the good old one two combination.

50 to 90 punches in 10 seconds HARD.

Sprint as hard as you can for 20 seconds

30 Seconds rest

The next set you’re going to do the same set up as before but this time you’re going to use knees strikes.

Keep it simple use one knee the entire 10 seconds as hard and fast as you can. The next 10 second round use the other knee.

The next set we’re going to use a ground and pound.

Each 10 second round use a different top position on the bag.

You can use one two combinations, forearm smashes, palm strikes, hammer strikes. Just keep it as fast and as hard as you can.

Don’t get complicated.


The last set we’re going to use Oklahoma pop for the 10 seconds.

Remember to level change, slap, push, bump, elbow checks, Lateral movement, and head shoves.


Pros 10 rounds each

Intermediate 5 rounds each

Beginner 3 rounds each.


This is a Sprint Warriors!!!

You go as hard as you can!!

This closely resembles what will happen in a real confrontation.

You will have to fight for your life for about 10 seconds and then run for your life.

So let’s treat this work out like real life!

Train like you fight, fight like you train!!


Deck of cards WOD and Combatives

The Work out /combative deck of cards.

Most of you have probably used the deck of cards for a work out. Each suit is a different exercise and the number on the card represents how many reps to do.

When using just the workout you see how long it takes you to complete the entire deck of cards.

When we use the deck combatively, each suit will represent an attack and the number on the card represents the number of times you are attacked.

When I use this we do the exercises and the combatives.

Here’s a list of the exercises and an attack for each suit.

Feel free to use just the exercises, just the Combative’s, or combine them.


Here’s a list of the exercises and an attack for each suit.


Hearts -Burpee’s /knife attack


Diamonds– push-ups /rear choke attack (Standing kneeling sitting)


Clubs– Jump Squats /Haymaker punch attack


Spades -Sit ups /grounded attack

(Mounted, side mount, being stomped)


Perform the exercise first then when you complete the reps your partner attacks and you defend. Reverse and revenge, you attack your partner for the Specific number of reps.


Defend Combatively!

Fight to get to your weapon, draw your weapon Use your weapon to escape.

(We are trying to develop the ability to draw and use the weapon under stress)


If you’re Every Day Carry weapon is a firearm ,Then that is the weapon You should use during this practice.



I draw the eight of diamonds. My partner and I do eight push-ups.

My partner attacks me with the rear choke, I defend combatively and when able, I draw my weapon and simulate using it on my partner.

Sometimes your empty-handed defense will work, sometimes it won’t work at all, mix it up.

The goal of the drill :

I want you to have an immediate response of defending Combatively, fighting to your weapon as soon as possible, then use that weapon to escape!

So the above example My partner and I would attack each other eight times, and we would each defend and draw our weapon putting it to use eight times.

Then my partner draws the next card.

Scale the exercises to your ability.

This provides a good work out as well as some good practice on getting to and using your weapon while fighting.

Under a real attack we never want to fight anyone empty-handed!

For real self defense everyone should carry some type of weapon, and you should train with that weapon.

Have fun!

Use this as a learning tool of what works when trying to draw and use your weapon while fighting.