Wednesday’s WOD 6-29-16 Toes to Bar

Wednesday WOD 6-29-16 Toes to Bar

Happy Hump Day!!!!

Pull up Toe to bar combo– Perform a pull up and then do a toes to bar. That’s one rep.

1-20 count up

100  meter (50 out 50 back) farmers carry between each set- Carry something heavy that you can carry 50-100 yards without putting it down.  You can carry a Kettle Bell, a sand bag, a weight plate, a backpack.  Switch hands at the halfway point.


15 minutes/25 minutes/Finish the workout

Have an Awesome Day!!!!


Coach Marx




WOD Tuesday June 28 LSD

Long Slow Distance (LSD)

We are building a foundation for longer runs in the future.

Today we are up to 5 miles or 50 minutes at a comfortable pace.

Never increase your long run more than 10% each week.

Also I suggest every 3erd or 4th week you drop your long run to a 3 miler to stay safe!

For example:

LSD  Week

3 miles Week 1

4 miles week 2

5 miles week 3

3 miles week 4

5 or 6 week 5

The most common cause of injury or burnout is

To Much To Soon!

Train Smart and reach your goals!


Coach Marx



WOD/ Combatives Monday June 27

Good Morning!  Happy Monday!

Find a weight you can do for the first set then stick with it throughout the entire workout!

Kettle bell swings

Box jumps

Wood choppers

Pull ups



10-1 cut time of 15 min/20-1 cut time of 25 min/20-1 finish WOD


Combatives training:

Maintain top position while minimizing damage to yourself.  Imagine you have to hold the person down until help arrives.  Or imagine you have to hold the person down until they exhaust themselves and you can escape safely.

5  minute round each of you being on top maintaining control.

Top Mount

Top guard

Top side control

Top head and arm control

Work Hard!

Coach Marx


Friday WOD 6/24/16 The VEGA

Friday June 24, 2016 Workout of the Day – WOD The VEGA

This workout consists of only 2 exercises. As with all the WODs, I will have a version for beginner and intermediate fitness folks as well as the Hard Core version.


Use a kettle bell that you can swing for at least 20 reps.

The run portion can be anywhere from 20 yards to 50 yards, just keep moving.

Now the workout.

Perform 10-20 KB swings in a row

Walk or Run your 20-50 yards

Repeat this four times


Use a kettle bell that you can swing for 25-50 reps in a row.

Your run portion is 1/4 mile, (400 yards)

Now the workout.

Perform 50 KB swings

Run 400 yards

Repeat this four times



In the actual Vega WOD there is a penalty if you do not meet the standard. This will help you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, and shows you that a little extra work is worth it in the end!

The Vega

50 lb KB 50 SWINGS In a row. If you don’t do 50 in a row, every time you set down the KB perform 10 burpees on the spot, then right back to the swings.

Run a half a mile In three minutes or less. For every 10 seconds over the 3 minutes (you guessed it) 10 burpees on the spot, then right back to your swings.

Repeat this four times

To claim that you have done the VEGA, you must complete the work out with out incurring any penalties.

Have fun, train safe


Get out of your Comfort Zone!

Coach Marx

Wednesday WOD 6/22/16 Bag Day

Wednesday WOD 6/22/16 Bag Day

Heavy bag training:

3 minute rounds with a 1  minute rest between each round.

Round 1 – Free fight to warm up. light contact and have fun with it.

Round 2- Lead Jabs only.  singles doubles and triples FAST

Round 3- Rear Crosses  only.  High , low, singles and doubles.

Round 4- Jab, Cross, Lead Hook.

Round 5- Jab, Jab, Cross.

The above is one set


1 set/ 3 sets/ 3 sets


Coach Marx