Ground Survival Have to Haves

Ground survival have to haves are the minimum skills needed to improve your odds of surviving a violent attacker that gets you to the ground.

Any time we are on the ground in a combative/self defense situation the risk of injury increases, unless you have a plan and the techniques to execute that plan. For now our plan is to get to our feet and escape.  I feel that the must haves in your ground combative/self defense arsenal are getting off the ground and to your feet from the following positions.  I also list the best go to moves for control and escape.

Grounded with no cohesion-stand in base/tactical rise

Bottom Mount – waist hug escape

Bottom scissors/guard- control to guard get up

Bottom side control – shrimp escapes 1-3

Bottom headlock- face rake leg hook escape

Top Mount- control and safe escape

top guard- clamp or cage position to escape

side control top- control and safe escape

Each one has unique positional advantages and disadvantages, however we can use similarity in our techniques for the escape to get the most out of our training time and minimize the mistakes under stress.

I will cover the individual positions and escapes for those positions in future segments.

Coach Marx