WOD 12/16/16 3 minute grinder

WOD 12/16/16 – The three-minute grinder.

Happy Friday

Good morningĀ  let’s make this one a good one since it’s Friday.


The three-minute grinder.


For three minutes perform the following as fast as you can. That’s one round.

Take a one minute break then start your next round.


10 reps of each exercise then move swiftly into the next Exercise.

Continue moving through the exercises until the three-minute timer stops.


Jumping jacks

Rip squats

Squat thrust

Jumping jacks


Dive bomber push-ups


Beginners Perform 4 rounds.

Intermediate 6 rounds.

Pros 10 rounds


Get out of your comfort zone!


Have a great weekend!!!!


Coach Marx